About KC Agent

The letters KC represent two founders of our brand. K is for Kai (Zhang Kai, 3X national champion in 5A division of China) and C is for Chen (Zhao Chen, 4X national champion in 4A division of China).

The purpose of KC Agent is “Performance, quality, aesthetics, culture and depth”. This is the foundation of our brand. Every product must pass thought strict examination of two founders before selling.

Making a world-class yo-yo brand is our goal.

About Founders

Zhang Kai

K in KC Agent

Chinese 5A player. Started yo-yoing since 2011.
2013 World Yo-Yo contest 5A Division 5th
2014 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 5A Division 2nd
2013-2015 China Yo-Yo Corporation Championship 5A Division Champion


Zhao Chen

C in KC Agent

Chinese 4A and Soloham player. Started yo-yoing since 2006.
2015 World Yo-Yo contest 4A Division 8th
2015 Asia Pacific Yo-Yo Championships 4A Division 3rd
2012-2015 China Yo-Yo Corporation Championship 4A Division Champion