Tantalizing (Navy/Gold Splash)

Tantalizing Navy/Gold Splash Colorway

  • Weight: 65.8g
  • Width: 44.4mm
  • Diameter: 55.3mm
  • Gap: 4.6mm




Tantalizing is our first product.

When first seen, Someone described Tantalizing as :”It is not only a yo-yo. It is more like a work of art!”

The original purpose of designing Tantalizing is adding Chinese traditional culture into our yo-yo designing. The name “Tantalizing” comes from Taotie, a motif commonly found on Chinese ritual bronze vessels from the Shang and Zhou dynasty. The word “Taotie” has the meaning of tantalizing. By using the name, we want to make Tantalizing tantalizing for all of yo-yo players.

When designing Tantalizing, we added Taotie design into it and used a lot the concept of symmetry. Two symmetric titanium rims (one inner rim and one outer rim) on each side make Tantalizing perform outstanding in various aspect. We adjusted the size and location of rims for many times to make them perfect.

Tantalizing have extreme resistant to abrasion due to its hard aluminium alloy 7075 body and harder titanium rims. Even crashing into cement flooring, it will only get very small abrasion which can be ignored.